Guiding the journey to  process optimization and automation

On Demand Accuracy & Effectiveness

Take the initiative to stay relevant in a digitally competitive landscape. Personalized customer experiences allow your clients to feel informed and in control every step of the way, making you a trusted advisor they would refer others.

Intake Management

Capture information accurately, deliver on service level agreements by design, implement approval processes, and qualify cases automatically

Matter Management

Access and automation around important information, milestones, events, and tasks, so you're always focused on what matters most

Account Management

Service practices can better manage relationships with accounts, vendors, and partners in realizing growth opportunities

Collaboration is central to success

Discover Analyze Architect Plan Deliver Support Change

Shared effort leads to shared success. We take the time to align on where you are today and where you hope to be tomorrow, then take the journey together as we realize continuous improvement and effective system adoption and utilization.

Feel like your firm could see great returns with the right investment in digital transformation?

Great Business is Customer Success

Connect with clients personally to give them greater piece of mind

Community Portal

Capture your entire business process integrated with one unified cloud platform

Business Integrations

Document Management

Generate / Send / Receive / Store / Back-up / Maintain



  • Know where to focus, and be guided to success throughout your matter workflow
  • Allow Teams to work together, delivering results more quickly
  • Robotic Process Automation augments your team by taking on repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on more complex, high value activities
  • Connect with prospective clients with On-Site Chat – never miss a lead
  • Connect with clients, vendors, and partners with Communities
  • Develop relationships and roles between different accounts and contacts associated with a case



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